Hospitality Institute developed a unique hospitality program in which we use five steps. You can find the steps of our program in the figure below (click for enlargement):

´╗┐Approach Hospitality program Hospitality Institute

Step 1 – Developing vision on hospitality

If the organization already has a vision on hospitality, the vision will be made up to date if necessary. In case there is not a clear (described) vision on hospitality, then the vision will be defined in co-creation with the organization.

Step 2 – Determining hospitality norm of the organization

From the newly defined vision on hospitality or service provision, we distil the hospitality norm or standard in accordance with the organization. This norm or standard can differ per country, location, business unit, department, etc.

Step 3 – GQ-test online

Examining the ‘HQ development level’ of your employees takes place by means of an online test. Each participant receives a personal login code accompanied with a password. The login offers access to a customized questionnaire, depending on the hospitality norm of your organization. The HQ-test offers insight in the results directly after closing the login procedure.

Step 4 – Developing hospitality program

We will analyse the results of the test and discuss them with you. Based on the development needs of the participants, a customized training & coaching program will be developed.

Step 5 – Implementation program & guarantee

The execution of the program is partly plenary and possibly partly individual. Ambassadors of hospitality have an important role in the implementation. The guarantee of the program foresees in tools that preserve or even increases the level of hospitality