Vision on hospitality

In order to shape hospitality within your organization we take the vision on hospitality as a starting point. If there is an existing vision on hospitality, it will be checked by the actual situation. If necessary, the vision will be redefined or, in accordance with you, developed.

For (re)developing this vision we use certain ‘imagineering tools’ such as co-creation. This approach is aiming for creating the vision and the hospitality experience together. When the vision is defined and adopted it will be used as a stepping stone for defining the hospitality norm or standard.

This norm will function as a tool for checking the level of development of the organization and the employees within the organizaion.

Hospitality Quotient

Hospitality Institute is of the opinion that each individual posesses a basic knowledge and development in hospitality. In order to qualify this level of development we speak about the hospitality quotient (HQ).

Hospitality Institute raises the level of hospitality within your organization by making participants ambassadors of hospitality by means of encouraging and stimulating their personal HQ.