Training & Coaching

Execution program

Since the results of the analysis will be very diverse, the approach of execution and implementation will consist of various options:

  • When a larger group of employees needs support in certain points of attention and aspects of development, this group will be trained plenary.
  • When there are specific aspects of development per department we can offer implementation per department.
  • When there are personal aspects of development, employees will be trained and coached individually.

In this context, internal ambassadors of hospitality fulfill a primary role. The trainers of Hospitality Institute coach and support the internal ambassadors. If specific expertise or capacity is needed, Hospitality Institute can offer this. .

Training & coaching

the execution of the training and coaching program starts with a kick-off programm for the participants. In this matter we use a balance between a pleasant (hospitable) learning program full of humor and characterized by fun in training. The program is based on the three fundamental aspects experiencing, learning and doing.

The sequel (after the kick-off’) consists of sessions that will be developed tailor made.

With this approach, the organization can gain in for example: employee and client satisfaction/ patient satisfaction and efficiency. Another advantage is a more positive attitude towards life of the employee both in private as in the working environment.