The HQ-test offers insight in the level of development of hospitality within your organization. By means of the vision, a questionnaire will be composed. In the questionnaire questions will be asked about hospitality or service providing processes within (part of) the organization.

Each participant receives a unique and personal login code. This code can only be used during a priorly determined period.

The respondents fill out the questionnaire by judging their personal level of development. This will be done by means of filling out a percentage from ‘10%’ to ‘100%’. The scores of the respondents will be related to the defined norm or standard of (a part of) the organization.

When the test is being taken from your employees, the results will be available instantly.

Results test

The results will be discussed with you. We can present you the analysis on various levels. Examples are: organization, department or individual level.

Feedback results analysis

Summarizing, you will possess the most important results of the test within two months after the start of the test:

  1. The vision of your organization on hospitality
  2. Insight in the level of development of the organization
  3. Insight in the level of development of departments
  4. Insight in the level of development of employees
  5. Potential ambassadors of hospitality
  6. Plan of approach to get the organization to the desired level of development