Hospitality Institute offers a tailor made program for organization, companies and governmental institutions aiming for an improved quality of their service. We work with the organization’s vision on hospitality as a starting point.

The unique aspect of our approach is that we made hospitality or the provision of services measurable. In this context we speak of the Hospitality Quotient (HQ). We provide insight into the results of our program by means of the HQ-test.

The program is highly suitable for hospitality and service provision within profit, not for profit and governmental organization. For example:

  • Hospitals
  • Care institutions
  • Customer services
  • Facility providers
  • Retail
  • Business service provision
  • Financial organizations
  • Hotels & conference centers
  • Leisure & tourism
  • Automotive industry
  • Other commercial and service providing organizations and companies

For most organizations it becomes more important to distinguish themselves differently than traditionally on the aspects of price and quality. Organizations aiming for a high level of service provision score considerably better since this will positively change the experience of the customer. Besides, it will lead to a more sustainable contact with this customer. Organizations that do not have their level of service provision in order, will be critically judged by consumers that share their dissatisfaction by means of social media. The digitalization of our daily life intensifies our need for intrinsic personal contact. This counts for both internal (within the working environment) as well as external contact.

Hospitality Institute is an initiative of Wolbert Development